ATEX basically refers to any risky surroundings that carry the risk of being unstable. The expression was recognized under EU law and entails any machinery that is to be used in dangerous settings to be ATEX approved. An unstable atmosphere is basically defined as “a combination of hazardous substances with air, below atmospheric surroundings, in the form of vapors, gases, haze or dust. An unstable atmosphere isn’t inadequate to precise applications and is frequently found in wide-ranging applications where combustible gases are used. Some of the general causes of ATEX environment are:

  • Gas and Oil Drilling
  • Fuel Storage
  • Power Production
  • Chemical built-up
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Manufacturing
EX and ATEX area

It is important to note that any machinery used in unsafe environments is ATEX permitted. It is used in order to minimize the risk of injury or machines failure. Normally there are a large number of standards for categorizing the equipment for dangerous environments. Some of the most common we see are NEMA (National Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Association), ATEX (Atmospheres Exposable) and IEC Ex (International Electro technical Commission Explosive). In case if you are looking for  an explosion-proof solenoid valve, then always be sure that you see one of these marks on the valve, which may differ depending on which standard was followed.

Traceability of ATEX Products

The traceability of ATEX products is compulsory from their manufacture during to their use. ASCO/JOUCOMATIC records information such as product code, customer identification, date of manufacture, order number and serial number. The solenoid valves are some of the key components for course automation system. The users depend on these systems in order to operate it without be unsuccessful in hazardous areas or explosive surroundings in order to ensure the continuous and safe act of the development and plant. 

Solenoid Valves for Severe Applications

The MGA Controls are suppliers of Maxseal; it means that we are able to bring in the solenoid valves for risky areas. The ATEX standard solenoid valves on offer are able to function under tremendous pressure, with strapping temperature confrontation, working between -25 to 50°C. With the use of anodised aluminum, stainless steel or brass casings, all valves are proficient in various ATEX classifications in order to protect alongside blaze and explosion conflict.

Explosion proof Solenoid valves

The explosion proof solenoid valves from Maxseal feature strong and hard-wearing materials, pledging the competent working of a machine in a dangerous setting. The vigorous solenoid valve material assortment allows caustic media to pass through, shielding both the valve and its casing.

Important things to consider

While selecting a solenoid valve there are a large number of environmental and application conditions which should be to consider properly. It includes seal materials, air quality and body and solenoid housing materials.

Quality of air

The sensitivity and compassion of inferior air superiority depends on both the valve and solenoid kind. The ATEX solenoid valves do not necessitate lubrication. In order to ensure the quality of air which is acceptable, proper air service equipment is recommended to set up the air former to be applied to the control system.


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